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Why do we believe that our Soundations support furniture offers superior sound quality to most others in the marketplace?

We have been designing and making violins and support furniture for over thirty years. Vast experience and much experimentation resulted in these systems as they are today. Designed and created by an avid audiophile and a well known violin maker Murray Kuun, our audiophile support furniture differs from that of competing products in that aesthetic values, versatility and engineering excellence are given equal emphasis. In addition to superb sound quality we also believe that support furniture of this nature must be versatile enough to accommodate a large variety of equipment and circumstances.

No other manufacturer places as much emphasis on the "interior design aspect" as we do. Most other support furniture tends to be "industrial" looking. While that may be okay with some users, our clients demand a higher aesthetic.

This is where we are most unique. Our support furniture has a high "wife acceptance factor" as well as excellent sound features and versatility.

If you’re looking for a cheap; extrusion based “all look alike” run of the mill item, you are in a wrong place. Soundsations is completely handmade limited run line of products designed from ground up and executed with outmost care and precision by a renowned luthier Murray Kuun. We never use CNC machines. Instead all our products are manufactured by using the very same tools and techniques used for centuries by Italian luthiers for creating the finest violins in the world. While most manufacturers are busy trying to figure ways to bring their cost down by using cheap labor and materials, we concentrate on more important things like the quality, craftsmanship and our uncompromised reputation. Find out for yourself why over the years Soundations has built such incredible following of audiophiles, designers and quality aficionados.